11 Facts about Sex Dolls being part of Society

Every one of us at some point of time in our life has given a deep thought about sex and the pleasures associated with it. But not everyone is thorough about sex  or is afraid to go in for a relationship or even a date as they don’t want to tangle themselves into any commitment, yet wants to enjoy life to the fullest. To carter their needs of sexual desire, real sex dolls plays a very important part. The real sex dolls mainly made of silicon , fulfill their appetite for sex and even ease their sexual stress. More importantly there is no risk of infection. Customized dolls can be made similar to your girlfriend, your latest crush or any film personality.

Real Sex Dolls for Loners & Aged

The reality is “life like sex dolls are a hobby or one can say interest to fulfill sexual urges in both males and females .” Another important advantage of sex toys is that they provide companionship mainly to loners and aged. Having a real sex doll around you provides security and emotional support to many. It also acts as a stress reliever and a friend with whom one can share bond.

Lot of websites offer real sex dolls made of metallic silicon while others are made of high grade soft silicon that gives it a realistic feel just like that of a real human being. The current sex dolls are fully waterproof, they can be washed in bathroom just like a real human being and their body parts can be removed as and when required.

Real sex doll are becoming important part of our life


Silicon sex dolls provide important services to its clients/customers among which some are mentioned below:

The most realistic sex possible:

The most and realistic reason for people opting for real sex dolls is to satisfy their sexual desire and pleasure. The sex dolls have parts that you can adjust accordingly. It provides an added advantage to its clients to adjust the doll’s structure according to their requirement. The doll’s can have a masturbator or a dildo to provide the client with extreme sexual pleasure.

Practice makes perfect:

We are all familiar with the term “Practice makes Perfect”. Realistic sex dolls are excellent ways of improving one’s sexual performance. It also improves the partners sexual technique and positions.

For example, masturbating with a sex doll not  only provides best stimulation but also gives the partner a thorough knowledge about the deepest possible penetration and other sexual pleasures. The experience of having sex with a real sex doll is pretty much similar to that of having sex with your real life partner.

Edging’ towards a better orgasm:

Men and women use silicon sex dolls for betterment of sex and also to extend their love making duration when they are with their real partners. Premature ejaculation or orgasm is a problem for many throughout the globe. Even though there is medication for this but having sex(masturbating) with real sex doll   helps in this cause by increasing your ejaculation time while having sexual activities with your partner.

Hands-free pleasure:

Sex dolls are a huge boon for physically handicapped people, who does not have the advantage of using a hand held device. In such cases sex dolls can provide them with intense and satisfying sexual pleasure.

A no-strings threesome:

Recent studies indicate that many couples tend to experiment with love dolls in a threesome without opting to go in for a third real life partner. This prevents emotional as well as differential damage between the partners.

A sex doll’s always up for it:

If a partner is suffering from infidelity while the other has higher sexual drive, then, in such cases real sex dolls provide a suitable platform for satisfying the partner’s(with higher sex drive) sexual desire and appetite.

Variety is the spice of life:

After orgasm men and women tend to suffer from tiredness. They are in no position to have another bout of sexual encounter with their respective partners. But using realistic sex  dolls , one can stimulate various parts and adjust their positions according to their demand for sexual pleasures.

Real Sex dolls are helping desolate man get free off their dejection:

Present day has seen a alarmingly increase in purchase of real sex dolls mainly by the male community around the world. There could be various reasons to this logic but scientists thinks that the reason behind this is that males are far more timid and insecure when it comes to sex with his counterpart. Moreover they are not fully committed in a long term relationship. In spite of all these complications they want to enjoy sex life to the full and fulfill their darkest and hidden fantasies.

To satisfy their need and wish, sex dolls are the ultimate answer. These love dolls are available in metallic silicon as well as in high grade silicon. The dolls can be manually handled and even work on a single touch sensation.

Real sex dolls can be your best friends


These silicon sex dolls provide numerous number of advantages to men.

1)      For a lonely and aged person, it provides companionship and a strong shoulder to bond with.

2)      Many take love dolls as a replacement of real life partner, so that he can have sex with it according to his own will and demand.

3)      Men whose partner died or is divorced find solace in the silicon sex dolls as these dolls carter to the total needs and demands of the men.

4)      Dejected and frustrated men uses these real sex dolls to give them the sexual pleasure they had always thought of. Adjusting the sex dolls to their wish and then having sex with them and even spending quality time with them , makes these men mentally as well as physically more confident about themselves . They begin to find a way to stand up and fight back for a better and more beautiful future.

For example, a Japanese businessman has reveled that , he has ultimately found his soulmate in a silicon sex doll which he named Saori. The businessman enjoys spending time with his newly girlfriend Saori. He takes the dummy love doll on outings and even to shops to buy her sexual lingerie. Whenever the businessman gets time , he likes to spend it with his doll, talking to her about his deepest and darkest fantasies and sometimes goes in for a sexual bondage to fulfill his desires. According to him, even though he is married, he enjoys full happiness and satisfaction with his sex doll because his doll not only helps him fulfill his needs but is not at all demanding.

Childlike Sex dolls are being used to stop pedophilias from attacking minors:

Paedophiles (a person who have sexual attraction to children) is a very common and sick state of mind for many throughout the globe. A recent study indicates that the number of paedophilis round the globe are alarming high. The risk of children attacks by these sick minded people are at a high stake.

Researchers and other organizations showed concern about this outburst and are trying their best to carter out a solution so that the situation remain amicable and child life can be safe and secure.

Shin Takagi is a pioneer in this field. He founded a company which produces anatomically correct imitations of girls/boys who ages as young as five. These child like real sex dolls helps to fight against the sexual abuse of real children.

According to a recent study, child robots are also used to treat pedophiles. This technology of using artificial intelligence to cure sick and mentally unstable minded people is seen as a doomsday by many . This  method has attracted many negative vibes from various institutions and researchers worldwide.

According to certain company owners advocating/selling child sex toys/robots , are not for sexual pleasure but for research and betterment of the future.

Shin Takagi who himself is a pedophile struggles a lot with ongoing sexual attraction towards children.  According to him , ‘ its difficult to suppress or change someone’s sexual desire’.

child sex doll


At present there are different types of treatment available for pedophiles that include cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioural interventions, sex drive reduction.

cognitive behavioural therapy:

It aims to reduce attitudes , beliefs and behaviours that can increase the tendency of sexual offences toward children. The trained therapists conduct the treatment but the main training involves self-control, social competence and empathy.

The most common form of this therapy is to make sure that the patient acquires the ability to identify and response to potentially risky situations.

behavioral interventions:

behavioral treatments targets sexual arousal to children. These have an effect on sexual arousal patterns during phallocentric testing.

sex drive reduction:

In order to lower sex drive by reducing testosterone level one can use surgical castration.

The emergence of pharmacological methods of adjusting testosterone has made it largely obsolete, because they are similarly effective and less invasive.


Ladies are purchasing male sex dolls to feel more secure when they are driving or staying alone:

The  rate of buying male sex dolls has increased  at an impressive speed as  women are finding these real sex dolls not only great in bed, but some are successful in finding a great companion within them.

Men sex dolls accompanying lone women



Some of the other valid reasons for ladies to purchase sex dolls are here:

To use as bed partner:

Women too have a physical need. With male doll, women can satisfy their needs when one’s partner is not at home or away for some work. In such cases, there is no one to share their loneliness. A healthy sexual life not only satisfies the mind but also keeps the body in shape and fit. We basically eat to keep ourselves alive and also to fulfill the various needs of our body. Similarly, sex is an integral part of our system. Love dolls are sold keeping in my mind women’s need, their desire, fantasies. These dolls have strong and tall body with every basic feature. One can adjust the doll accordingly.

Act as a companion:

A male sex doll not only satisfy a woman in bed but more importantly acts as a great companion. For aged and lonely, these real sex dolls are a added advantage as they can share everything with these dolls such as having food together, watching television and even going on a walk.

For security purpose:

Ladies are buying silicon sex dolls for security purposes. When driving alone or staying at home with no one around, a male sex doll can provide security as it resembles a full grown male human being.

Helps in getting cheated:

Recent study indicates that women are buying real sex dolls for their husbands, to prevent them from engaging with another woman. In most advanced countries, couples have no qualms in having a sex doll in their family life. In fact , they are of the opinion that a sex doll in a family prevents both the partners from cheating against each other.


Real Sex doll are satisfying the part of a spouse in a man’s life:

Love dolls plays a very important part in a man’s life as per research and various other organizations. When it comes to sex and commitment towards marriage or a long term relationship, men tend to think a lot. Because, he has to bear the total responsibility. Tendency of men is not to get tangled in such situations. As a result sex dolls comes into play.


Devcat with his wife and mistress



These realistic sex dolls which almost has a feel of a real partner are a relief to men all over the globe. They may come at a high price but the advantage associated with it is immense. These dolls satisfy every need of men and also their desires. These silicon sex dolls are slowly and steadily gaining access into man’s life. These men share all their intimate feelings and emotions with these dolls. They even tend to have physical relationship with them in order to satisfy their sexual needs. For many, these love dolls are a way out for freedom from their regular family life.  Aged, frustrated and men tend to seek solace in the arms of these sex dolls . They provide great companionship and a helping hand in making these men come to term with the real world.

For example, a Chinese man who has been suffering from a deadly form of cancer married a real sex doll. This is because, he doesn’t want to leave a dejected and struggling wife behind. According to him, marrying a silicon sex doll is just like marrying a real human being. The Chinese man was also of the opinion that the real sex doll always gives him company. He shares everything with the doll which he could do with a normal human being.


Women are purchasing real sex doll to prevent their men from having relationships with different ladies:

One of the major reasons of increasing demands of silicon sex dolls throughout the globe detected. Mainly ladies are purchasing these love dolls so that they can keep their husbands to themselves. It helps to prevent them from having a sexual relationship with another woman. On the other hand, the husbands are doing the same.


Sex dolls with family



Most ladies buy these silicon sex dolls for their husbands because they don’t want to have sex with them as they could not satisfy their sexual desire. The  reason may also be the age factor that comes into play. Men normally loose their F for sex after reaching a certain age. At this point of time the only way to satisfy their sexual demands is to buy them  real sex dolls.. They can have the same experience with it just like a real partner.

For example, in China both men and women buy silicon sex dolls for their respective counterparts. It helps them to prevent oneself from cheating on one other. The demand of buying silicon sex dolls have grown in every town of China. According to reports, the sex doll industry has crossed a billion dollar mark in china itself.

The high quality real sex dolls are available in the market. These dolls are either silicon or thermoplastic elastomer. This is much softer and has a very touchy feeling. The most important thing is, it provides a realistic and perfect shape just as a normal human being. These dolls are adjustable. You can remove their body parts and fit according to your choice.