6 Ways Sex Dolls Help You Live Longer

The sex doll industry is showing positive signs of cutting into the most primitive industry; the sex trade. Sex doll brothels offering erotic sessions are doing a brisk business in Japan, Europe and USA. Sex Doll fans shell $150-$80 for one hour of an exclusive sex session with these silicone escorts. There is no doubt that sex is a gift from mother nature to help you live longer, healthier and happier. It is not only the pleasure factor that perks from your sensory nerves but also the biological and social aspect of lovemaking that ensures longer and fulfilling life. The good news is that technology has now made it possible for men who are not blessed with a partner can still reap the fruits of masturbation with orgasm with a life like sex doll. With a sex doll in hand, you have unlimited access to fulfilling your darkest desires for more and more fun. Here are some facts how sex doll can enhance your sexuality and ensure healthy living.

live longer

Sex Doll is safe and no fear of STDs

All realistic sex dolls are made of hypoallergenic polymers, TPE and silicone which is being widely used in medical implants in dental prosthesis to breast augmentation. There is no fear of allergic reaction or contamination and every sex doll undergo stringent quality check and procedures, given their intimate purpose. So for your daily dose of sexual hormones like oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone, sex dolls are completely safe. Even people suffering from safe-sex obsession can practice unhindered sex, with no fear or anxiety of contracting STDs.

Sex with a love doll is not cheating

Cheating can kill a beautiful relationship, however, there is no emotion of guilt when you do with a sex doll. Just like exercise is good for your physical health, active sex life is key to your overall well-being. Couples can bring sex dolls to add spice to their somewhat routine sexual act. Let us check key reasons to have sex on a regular basis.



Sex Boosts immunity system

Medical Research has indicated that regular Sex increases production of the antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA), which plays a crucial role in the immune system of our body. It is the first line of resistance against infection by various bacteria and viruses like colds and flu.


live longer


Sex Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Regular sex effects the blood flow to the man’s sexual systems from hard erection to lasting longer and a fulfilling climax. This correlates to improved capacity of the blood vessels to dilate, heart’s pumping ability and maximal oxygen consumption, decreasing the risk of having a cardiac-related complication. Love dolls are so realistic in beauty and feel that her erogenous zones will turn you on as if you are with the girl you imagined. Concerning your healthy heart, you can design your custom sex doll to look exactly like your last flame, so that you can overcome your heartbreak by reliving the golden moment you shared with your partner.


live longer


Sex Burns Calories

Just like physical exercise, sex also burns calories, reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Reducing your body weight through regular sexual activity could have an enormous impact on your health. Sex Doll will never object to the number of times in a day, you go for sexual exercise, there is no remorse when you draw on her from different angles for deeper penetration.


live longer


Sex helps to De-stress

Do you know that orgasm is one of the most efficient ways for deep relaxation? The reason being the limitation of our brain to remain focused on one activity, therefore distraction can discourage the brain cells to elaborate any physical pain or mental depression. Sex is one natural method to help take our minds off the present anxiety. On the other hand, the love hormones that are secreted during orgasms like feel-good” chemicals, including oxytocin and serotonin, make you live longer and make feel happier. Older people who are sexually active are less likely to have dementia as regular sex protects your brain cells against decline.

Sex improves Libido

Just like regular exercise strengthens core muscles in your body, more and more sex will make sex better and will improve your libido. However, this is a too much of an ask. Given our overtly stressed work-life balance, not all are blessed with understanding partners to share your passion for sex. Love dolls make things less complicated and help you live longer.


A sex doll is a one-time investment, I hate to sound harsh but every relationship needs an investment of time and money. You need to bear to some extent the financial burden of your partner, you need to shower her with gifts from time to time, every anniversary demands a costly dinner party and so on, but there is hardly any maintenance cost for a sex doll. In fact, you will offload your emotional baggage with the doll. There is no fear of pregnancy nor there is any sort of pressure, you live your life on your own terms. With a sex doll in your arms, you turn it all off and connect to yourself for “self-love”.