A Chinese company gives sex dolls as bonus to its employees as annual bonus

Anyone wants sex dolls as a bonus?

Apart from the sex dolls,  the Chinese company has also given out karaoke coupons, pork, or flip flops in place of money. A company named Lianlian offered sex dolls to its employees. The company specializes in making mobile and internet applications for virtual lovers.In fact, the employees who received love dolls had a special demo session about the process of using them. These real love sex dolls generally gifted to the unmarried single men who don’t have any partner.

Wang Yuzhu, chief executive officer of Lianlian, said the blow-up sex dolls were specially made for the single men working in their office apart from silicone dolls the company also gave flip flops which are very useful in weather conditions of Guangzhou.

Offering sex dolls is a unique Idea

China has been a very popular place for real dolls. China consists most of the sex doll manufacturers. They call China the mecca of sex doll manufacturers. You can get different types of silicone dolls here, starting from silicon sex doll to blow-up dolls to artificial intelligence realistic dolls.

Sex dolls as annual bonus

The idea of giving love dolls as an annual bonus to the employees is surely a new idea. We didn’t find any reference to similar incident ever took place anywhere. We still don’t know whether the sex doll recipients were happy or not. But surely they can use it for getting rid of their lonely and mundane life.  So there is no room for surprises if your boss gives you a sex doll next time as annual bonus.