Best Sex Dolls – Why we should get rid of the stigma surrounding the perfect mates

Best sex dolls have become the next sex challenge for newbies in the adult toy industry . Back in the year of 2014, the world saw the rise of an Oscar-winning movie named “Her”. Winner in the best original screenplay category, the movie was based on the life of a lonely, lonely man – one who sought out the companionship of an AI as a final resolve for his desperate loneliness. Mind you – the desperation was not something tangible – it was more about not being able to reach out to friends and community – a silent scream in a void full of unspoken words, a plea to end the empty feeling he was carrying around everywhere he went. Unable to relate to anyone– he took the decision of opting for an Artificial Intelligence based OS for his PC – a system which, though virtual, had the ability to relate to its users. Each different OS were unique in their own aspects – and our protagonist slowly fell in love with the one he used.

Being in a relationship with something that’s anything but human – seems a bit far-fetched, isn’t it?

No. It’s not.
For centuries in a row, the practice of falling for a life-sized figurine has been gaining widespread popularity – be it in George Bernard Shaw’s all-time classic Pygmalion, or the fact that 17th century Dutch sailormen used dolls sewn out of clothes and leather to give them company during long voyages; they were called dame de voyage, which literally translates to “Lady Travelers”.

Considered as a taboo topic in most parts of the world, the lesser known part of the society who are heavily into the modern love-doll culture are tagged as perverts, freaks and many other dishonorable terms – but what nobody cares to look out for the facts that makes a person choose techno-sexuality over any normal relationship. Mental health issues, old-age, therapeutic usage ranging from physical disabilities to depression & suicidal tendencies – even in rectifying antisocial/psychopathic personality disorder, the sex doll has always been the most harmless-, reactionless answer in tow.

Popular myths surrounding best sex dolls

  • Using sex dolls is a sign of perversion: Absolutely untrue! Love-dolls have had a history of being used more like a companion instead of the main reason they were manufactured for – many doctors around the world suggest their patients to have a reaction-less, uncomplicated figurine as their sole companion, one devoid of any existing humane fallacies; they act as a support system – a shoulder to cry on, a mate one could confide anything with, without the worry of being judged or misunderstood. Psychological/Mental/Personality/Behavioral Disorders, Sexual Behavior Correction, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Therapy, Disability, Loneliness, Old Age – there are many, many other documented uses of Love Dolls, and none of them have proven to be anything but harmful to the society & environment.


  • Love Dolls violate health regulations: Life size sex dolls, are in fact, a much safer option than traditional contraceptive options that are available around the market. There are no cases of chemicals and medicines and sexually transmitted diseases involved in using a love doll, and there has been proven results of its usage including higher sexual satisfaction and deep sleep ensuring overall wellness.


  • Sex Dolls have a negative effect on family-oriented people: Contrary to the popular belief, this invention had been helping quite a large number of couples to develop a more intimate understanding in between them. Using a real sex doll for regular fornicating purpose is assured to make those intimate moments with your real-life partner more special, hot and heavy with passion – something to look forward to in a steady relationship! There are known instances of couples “adopting” these figurines for their threesome or as a replica of a deceased partner.


  • Love Doll is a guy-only thing: There are all kinds and categories of custom sex dolls. Just like any other female sex doll, there are a wide number of male sex dolls available too – customizable to your preference, which includes skin-tones, tanning, tattoos, piercings, other physical decorative features included – wrinkled skin? Dull eyes? Thin/thick hairline? Weirdly shaped eyebrows? You name it, and you will have it.


  • Love-dolls make people emotionally unresponsive: People with little to no history of ample social interactions, with a background of childhood physical/sexual abuse, with an acute condition of mental dysphoria during social interactions have had unexpected benefits after living with a love-doll for a given time-period; according to a famous user, “Dolls don’t possess any of the unpleasant qualities that organic, flesh and blood humans have. A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable.”; do you have any idea how many people refuse to open up to others just out of the fear of being judged, criticized & betrayed? Once being comfortable enough to share thoughts and emotions with a non-judgmental pair of eyes & ear which will never cease to look & hear, it’s quite understandable that a person will feel more relaxed with interacting with any of the close acquaintances, developing a balanced mental/verbal relation on the way.


  • The practice of using love-dolls are not approved by scientists & medical practitioners: According to renowned psychologists, scientists & physicians from all around the world, using a realistic sex doll can actually prove to be more beneficial than going for regular counselling and mental treatments. Physical intimacy, no doubt, is a therapeutic activity in its own glorious self – but what about the people who face problems with physical interaction? People with paralysis and other disabilities, social anxiety issues, autism, dwarfism, penile erection issues, UTI, skin allergies, medical allergies – there’s a solution for each and everyone of them. In fact the first modern sex doll was created for the disabled.

best sex doll

Facts to be kept in mnd while buying the best sex doll


  • Reasons
    Unlike any other human being, sex dolls come without any complications – they won’t say no to anything you ask them to do; they come in all sizes, shapes and complexions – without any scars or stretch marks. Designed as per your wishes, you won’t have to worry about being blamed or harassed by sexual assault complains – they’ll be there for you to have, any time, all time, every time – every day!! No further convincing required!
  • Budget
    At present, there are two types of materials real sex dolls are made form – TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)& LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber); TPE dolls feel more human like – they are soft to touch, do not require ample maintenance, do not feel sticky or in any way artificial; they’re more flexible, giving you more opportunities for fulfilling your wild desires(postures) than you would dare do with a real woman.
    A silicone sex doll, is more costlier and slightly less softer than TPE ones.
    The price factor of a love doll is determined by the customization one might opt for while buying it. Features like a raised buttock, enlarged breasts or tighter genitalia can increase the cost of a normal effigy. If you’ve got a smaller budget on mind, you might want to let go your wish of further customization, and opt for a doll with natural features, and a shorter stature. Think of what you like to see in your significant other – what does she like to be – naughty or an old school country-girl? Does she have curves? Is she a blondie? Think about all these factors before you delve headfirst into investing for something that’ll become a vital part of your daily life. Most of the sex doll manufacturers let the user choose a model with varying body specifications – like breast-cup size, waist size, booty dimension, hairstyles – even the type of pubic hair will be designed as per your liking.
    Accessories like additional clothing, tattoos, skin decorations, jewelries will turn the price up a notch than the normal range. You can obviously buy anything you want to decorate your doll from any departmental stores, or can opt to add additional features later on. An TPE sex doll costs a bit lesser than their healthier counterparts made from silicone, but almost all of the lifelike sex doll starts from a $1000 price range.
  • Usage
    Kinks & fetishes are a common & healthy part of a person’s lifestyle. Fetishes involve a fixation around a non-living object and/or a non-genital body part, and they range from shoes, feathers, candies & food fetishes to foot, ear, hand or eye fetishes. Kink, on the other hand, is the use of unconventional erotic practices, concepts or fantasies – the very well-known BDSM is a great example of one such kinkiness.
    Contrary to the popular belief of fetishes and kinks being a pervert taboo, they are actually able to provide a sense of freedom, a healthy amount of control that otherwise seems unattainable, helping a person to let go of bottled up wishes and fantasies; unlike the popular opinion of erotic fantasies being unhealthy or harmful, they actually help in exploring your sensuality, helping you gain enough self-confidence to fulfill the existing desires – making place for new ones, rendering a creative approach to an otherwise boring, routine lifestyle, resulting to a happy, satisfied mind & body devoid of any kind of depressions, anxiety, sadness and other usual negativity that seem to give us a visit every now and then. Using your love doll to fulfill these will leave no stones left unturned, without a chance of you being cheated on, betrayed, or misunderstood and turned down. Every encounter with your eroticism with someone who is as much willing – if not more, will help you gain knowledge about your own body and your partner’s too, turning you into a master in the art of lovemaking in no time! Or…. you could just snuggle it up in your arms in lonely nights. Anything you like!
  • Types
    Modern world best sex dolls are aimed to unleash the beast sleeping within. Starting from low-cost mini love dolls which comes at a height of 3-4 feet, to full size sex dolls that are as tall as 5.7 feet, you can order yours to be designed as per your wildest dreams; ranging from fictional characters such as Elves, Demons, Angels, Monsters & Aliens or even your favorite comic-book character – take Harley Quinn for instance! There are also dolls related to more common erotic fantasies like BBW, MILF, Chubby, Fat, Size-Zero, Black, White, Elderly, Mature, Young, Overweight and Shemale sex doll– they come in all types and trends. However, the most common type of adult dolls that is currently in trend are celebrity real life sex dolls, with the most popular ones on demand being Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson, Kim Kardashian; but most of the celebrity dolls need permission before being made The other well known celebrity sex dolls are of Asa Akira, Kaylani Lei, Lupe Fuentes, Alektra, Stormy Daniels, Jessica Drake, Samantha Saint & the world famous VR musician Hatsune Mikudeserves an honorable mention.
    Apart from these, you can choose buying a low/no flexibility models with no internal skeletons, or high flexibility models that comes along with a PVC or Metal skeletons to serve to your physical needs.

best sex doll

Maintenance of best sex dolls

  • Heat: No matter how much you spend on your best sex doll, one thing should always be kept on mind – know how to care for your synthetic partners. A TPE or silicone doll works best after preheating it; the wisest option is to buy best sex dolls with an internal heating mechanism; other options include using an electrical blanket, or giving it a warm bath, or just using the plain old heat compressing method. This will give your doll a more realistic, life like feeling, especially where heat generation is important, such as places like facial and genital cavities. Remember to cool the doll down before you put it away for later usage.
  • Cleansing: A love doll must be properly cleaned to avoid infections or material corrosion; Use baby-wipes, or a douche bag with some mild soap and lukewarm water to clean the insides of the vaginal and anal cavity.
  • Storing: For a proper sex doll storage, one might want to look at the factors regarding putting it in a flight-case storage and hanging it up on a suspension hook. Storing your doll in a flight case might seem like a fast and easy option in case of emergency hiding necessity, but it will affect your doll’s stature and flexibility capability. Leaving it sitting or lied down on your bed will increase the chances of flattening those synthetic boobs – whereas, storing it up a suspension hook will allow the doll to retain its body shape and skeletal structure, no flattening included.
  • Prevention: Avoid leaving your doll in a place full of excessive heat or moisture to give it a long-lasting shelf-life. Do not store it in places with supposed chances of wear and tear – avoid getting it near any sharp, coarse or heavy objects; be sure to not let any of your pets come near the doll, as the doll can easily sustain damages like bite-marks, tears and scratches if it gets chewed on or clawed by a pet.


Among the many types of available TPE sex dolls, some of the prototypes come along with an interactive AI option ($25000 and up) and Thermoplastic Elastomer Dolls ($1000 – $10000); the benefits of using a TPE Doll is that they come abrasion-free, heat-seal able, high elasticity, high fatigue resistance (no wear & tear, rejoice!), high impact strength, low density, UV resistance properties, temperature friendly and flexible. This has specially been designed for the people who are latex-intolerant and have a very sensitive skin.

Do you want to know more about the provided benefits and the positive change these sex dolls have been bringing to everyone’s life? Continue reading our blog to gain more insights about our available products!