Can sex dolls help reduce crimes committed by paedophiles?

Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder where an adult experiences sexual attraction towards children, mostly below the age of 11. This disorder leads to many crimes such as sexual assaults, rape, committed on a child just to fulfill the desires. A child of course unaware of the whole incident breaks down. It leaves a serious impact on his entire life leading to a mentally shattered condition. Th use of sex dolls might is helpful to mend the situation.

To find a solution to this problem, a number of sex doll manufacturing companies started making lifelike child sex dolls. It can help to satisfy the urges of Paedophiles and help the children remain safe.

However, the idea of making real sex dolls have faced serious criticism from parents of children and other reputed personalities. They think that people who spend money on realistic sex dolls are sick or creepy.

Some also say that the freedom of having sex with the dolls will only encourage them to commit such incidents. It may not prevent them from harming small children. Shin Takagi is the founder of Japanese sex doll manufacturing company, Trottla. He said in an interview with The Atlantic, that a child sex doll would help to stop forcing the urge of Paedophiiles on a child. He mentioned, “helping people express their desires, legally and ethically”.

The idea of introducing the childlike sex dolls to counter sexual crimes against children, faced mixed reaction from the readers.

For example, one said, Sex dolls will only encourage them more to try their wish on a real human body. The plastic materials will be no more attractive later or sooner.

On the other hand, some people supported the idea. They said, having encounters with sex dolls will eventually normalize the sexual attraction towards children.

Comments as Paedophiles should kill themselves were also heard, and at the same time dolls being a good idea to decrease the chances of potential harm to children were heard too.

Overall, we cannot say whether the realistic sex dolls will really help to permanently remove sexual crimes against children as feelings, desires, anxiety, attraction are human traits which differs from person to person. Thus, chances are 50-50 as one can cure the disorder and remain satisfied with the doll, whereas someone can really become more aggressive and rugged after using the real sex doll.