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We are a leading provider of  semi- inflatable real life sex dolls across the globe. Our motto is to provide people from every strata of the society an ultimate product to obtain maximum pleasure. These BBW inflated sex dolls are the first version of the latest silicone female robots. They are delicate inflated silicone sex dolls as they come to life when you blow your breath into their frame. The silicone implant adult sex dolls are so realistic that it gives a feeling that you are making out with your real life partner. Our products are made out of best quality, medically tested latex, and TPE material are hypoallergenic and are completely safe for intimate use. Each and every doll is handmade covering close details in order to satisfy your needs. We promise discreet shipping to those who buy real sex dolls from our website. Browse through the gorgeous product collection to select the best for your use.


What is BBW inflatable sex doll?


It’s a life like  BBW inflatable sex doll with solid TPE, realistic face, silicone breasts, silicone skin-friendly, smooth and soft vagina and tight anus and solid limbs to give a realistic persona while the rest of the body can be deflated for easy storage. The real life sex doll is not heavy like its solid counterpart and is extremely comfortable to use. The solid TPE or silicone dolls are far more realistic but are not flexible enough to pack in your luggage when you are travelling. They are anatomically correct dolls and not low cost blow up dolls that are perfect for gag gifts. All BBW inflatable sex dolls are carved with perfect body curve, big boobs, big ass, 0.8 hip-to-waist ratios so that they emulate a real partner. You can place them in any wild position and let your fantasy run wild with these inflatable silicone sex dolls. You can dress them in lingerie of your choice for that added flavour or place them as naked sex doll in your personal harem.


Why you should purchase from My-doll :


We provide you with the best affordable and high-quality BBW semi-inflatable real and cheap real sex dolls with 100% silicone breast and vagina for realistic sexual pleasuring with three pleasure holes: oral – vaginal – anus, built-in vagina deep 15cm. These real sex dolls can bear up to 300 lbs and can be deflated for transportation and easy storage, but come to life when full of air!! Our soul aim is to satisfy your demands so that, you can have the best possible sex doll in order to fulfill your wildest dreams and fantasies. Be it solid TPE mini sex dolls or  BBW inflatable realistic size sex dolls, we try to provide you with the best quality. We have a secured payment gateway and provide discreet shipping!!