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Lifelike Silicone Sex Dolls:

Long term relationship and commitment seems to have taken a back seat in today’s fast paced, hyper-connected world. People are getting inclined towards using silicone sex dolls. These real silicone love dolls presently are becoming very popular and the estimated market value of these sex dolls are over the billion dollar mark.

Difference between Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE sex dolls:

Manufacturers are trying to make sex dolls as close to human being as possible, both in feel and softness. Basically, 2 varieties of materials are used for manufacturing of realistic love dolls- SILICONE and TPE, silicone being the most trusted and used material. Silicone is a polymer with a chemical structure based on chains of alternate silicone and oxygen atoms, with organic groups attached to the silicone atoms. These compounds are resistant to chemical attack and are pretty much insensitive to temperature changes. Silicone made dolls are much more realistic and its skin texture provides a lifelike feel to the sex doll. TPE also known as thermoplastic elastomeric are a mixture of polymers mainly that of plastic and rubber which consists of materials which have both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE makes it an economical option possessing features like flexibility, shock absorption, molding ability, soft body texture, etc.

Why purchase a Silicone love doll:

Silicone also known as polydimethylsiloxane is a tested material. They provide a very real and realistic look to the doll along with a very real feel like skin. These Xxx polysiloxanes sex dolls can come in all sizes which vary from full size lifelike sex dolls to mini sex dolls. The silicone female dolls are anatomically correct and can be easily put into different positions to give full satisfaction and sexual pleasure to its owners. These cheap silicone love dolls can be easily customized as per the user’s demand. The look and the dress code of these 100% adult silicone dolls can be changed/customized to the user’s wishes. Even though the full life-like silicone dolls are used by men for their personal use, they can also be used by couples as threesome. They prove to be an authentic tool in the bedroom for both partners as they can add that extra zeal and fun quotient to the sexual encounter. Silicone doll makers like us have a come a long way from the past and thanks to research and integration of AI, these beautiful dolls will become more and more realistic in the future.

Why you should purchase from us:


We provide you with the best affordable and high-quality silicone sex dolls. Our soul aim is to satisfy your demands so that, you can have the best possible doll in order to fulfill your wildest dreams and fantasies. Be it silicon sex doll, TPE, mini sex dolls or realistic size sex dolls, we try to provide you with the best quality synthetic partner. We have a secured payment gateway and provide discreet shipping !!