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Why buy a real sex doll in TPE

You must be aware of the growing popularity of love dolls and why not, they look breathtakingly real. Thanks to the latest sex doll material, Platinum TPE material that looks like human skin, has similar texture and feels like skin. This polymer creates the most realistic sex dolls in the market. TPE love doll is also in demand in the fashion industry as realistic models for their super flexible body and flawless skin.

TPE doll is completely safe as it is free of phthalates and latex proteins that cause allergies. It is super soft, very elastic, light weight and cost effective too, what more can you ask for? While the body is supported by a light weight steel skeletal system that enable movement at the joints, the sexual parts are handcrafted and textured to give the real experience. So if you are looking for real sex minus the emotional baggage of a relationship, order a life like sex doll to rock your world and you’ll never be the same again.

Free Customization for your real life sex doll

 I bet you want one of these real sex dolll. It is very easy to customize TPE love dolls, you can make your fantasy anime sex doll from choosing the skin color, eyes, wigs, nipple color, clitoris color, removable or fixed vagina. If you have an eye on a sexy girl next door, you can create your life size doll to look exactly like her. These dolls need considerable space for storage and if you have limited place, order a skinny big tits small sex doll. If you love your woman with big jiggly tits for boob sex, just order bbw sex doll with massive booty.

Lifelike Sex robot in action


You can design your very own sex robot by incorporating the AI heat and sound technology. There are touch sensors placed in the erotic zones and as you squeeze her human skin, the doll makes sweet moans of pleasure, making the experience even more realistic. When the temperature is dipping just plug her heating system and you will love to snuggle her sexy nude body to bed.

Why you should purchase from My-Doll

 We provide you with the best affordable and high-quality sex dolls made with premium quality TPE material. We only supply SY dolls that are very popular in the sex doll forums. If you wish to touch and feel the material before ordering a full size sex doll, do not hesitate to write to us for free TPE sample at or drop a line at our 24/7 live chat support. Our sole aim is to satisfy your demands so that, you can have the best quality sex doll in order to fulfil your wildest dreams and fantasies. Be it a mini sex doll or life size sex doll, we try to provide you with the highest quality, super flexible love doll that will make your heart forever happy. We have a secured payment gateway and provide discreet shipping!!