How to make a sex doll – Sex Doll Quiz

Sex doll is very popular these days and most men become excited by the prospect of making one’s own personal sex doll. The range of customization is enough for distracting even the seasoned shoppers. Most sex dolls are sold through online stores of manufacturers and resellers spread across the globe. Leading manufacturing companies are in Asia, especially in China and Japan. Sites like Alibaba have become a hub for resellers offering cheap low-quality dolls. While the search engines are flooded with real doll sites, it is very difficult to find legitimate webstores selling genuine quality dolls made of only medical grade elastomers. In addition, there are few review sites. As a result, it’s not that unusual for men to know very little about the sex doll and how it works. And sometimes, that ignorance leads to monetary loss as well as some scare.

This quiz might help. Each statement is either true or false, and the answers are listed below. Studying the information here might give men the bits of knowledge they need in order to make a sex doll.

The Statements
1. “If I buy a cheap sex doll, I am sure it is a blow-up crap used for Halloween.”
2. “The costly silicone dolls are always more durable and give quality service than TPE sex dolls.”
3. “The sex doll is stiff and hard.”
4. “Lubricating your important member is must while using the real sex doll.”
5. “Long and hard sessions can tear the body.”
6. “The sex doll causes health issues.”
7. “The sex doll causes relationship issues.”
8. “The sex doll leads to loneliness.”
9. “A Man is a Pervert if he uses a doll.”
10. “The sex doll needs high maintenance”

The Answers
1. True. While majority doll sites specify whether the products are blow-ups or semi-inflatable dolls. The blowup dolls are best suited for gag gifts while the semi-inflatable ones are designed for newcomers who wish to test the waters with cheap synthetic partners before investing more than thousand on a piece of silicone that may not suit their taste, after all each men are different.
The semi inflatable love dolls have solid silicone face, limbs, chest and well-crafted smooth private parts while the rest of the body need air to come to life. They can easily be hidden and carried during trips out of home.

2. Mostly false when it comes to intimate service. Both TPE and silicone dolls look very realistic to their human counterpart. Both have intricately carved private parts, like textured vaginal tube and tight anal tunnel to give your manhood the most realistic experience possible. Men can now live their wildest fantasies in the privacy of their homes without the fear of contracting STDs or hurting the partner. While it’s true that silicone dolls are more durable than TPE ones because of chemical change of the elastomer during the curing process. The silicone dolls are firmer and aesthetically more beautiful than TPE models.

3. False. The best sex dolls made of TPE have loose joints to enable easy movement. The soft joints coupled with hollow technology make the dolls light weight and more realistic. TPE material is softer to touch and gives ‘jiggling’ feel to the muscular parts of the body especially the butt and the breast. For men who love bbw women and have a fetish for boob sex, TPE sex dolls are ideal for them.

4. True. Unlike real women, the love doll does not produce fluids, and this must be supplemented with a generous dose of water based lubricants in the internal parts before each session. You need to be careful about this or you can bruise your manhood due to friction. Oil or alcohol-based lubricants should be avoided as they may alter the chemical composition of the doll.

5. False. The love doll has been designed for maximum pleasure. The dolls have a built in, light-weight skeletal system for flexibility around the joints just like human beings. The dolls can be positioned in any wild posture which you can never imagine with real women. However, you should not overstretch the body for long durations or keep heavy objects over the body as this may tear the outer lining of the body. These dolls last for more than 5 years without showing any signs of ageing or any symptoms of illness. They can become your happy sub at any part of the day without raising questions or putting demands. There is no fear of sexually transmitted diseases when you take good care of the doll. Always remember to wash and dry the private parts after each session or use condoms.
However long and hard sessions may not be always good for you as it can lead to pain in the groin due to the endless friction of sex.

6. False. Actually, masturbating using a real life sex doll can help a man’s health. It is a gateway to sexual freedom by helping men explore what they like without the fear of being judged. The love doll becomes your happy sub and can be used uninhibitedly to reduce stress and create a happier headspace. This also helps the sleep quality and provides its related benefits like stable blood pressure, healthy heart and good nervous system. Studies have also shown that regular sex with release is linked to a reduction in the possibility of prostate cancer.

7. False. Every time you turn around the lifelike sex doll, new ideas are lurking in your naughty mind. Let me tell you something, once you have begun using an adult doll you’ll be wondering what took you so long in exploring your sexuality candidly. The quickest way to grow your sexual stamina and adding spice to your relationship is without a doubt is ‘sexperiment’ and a real love doll is the ticket to getting there without frustration. Your partner will be excited with your secret manhood powers.

8. False. Unless a man has a mental illness and fears to converse with the opposite gender, the realistic doll does not cause alienation. This situation was depicted in a movie released in 2007 called the Lars. The intent of the movie is not to frighten people away from self-pleasure but to show how the love doll can be used to heal an intensely lonely heart with kindness and acceptance.

9. Some cultures, societies, and religions demonize the use of real doll and believe that if a man owns one, he’s a sexual deviant. However, it’s simply not true when the society considers porn safe. Do you think the girls enjoy the gang bangs? They make artificial cry of pleasure to pay their bills while the world laps this virtual act to stimulate their erogenous zones. This action of self-pleasure itself is not grounds for calling someone a pervert and, abnormal in the society. So, if a man using a high-end masturbating device like a real doll for self-igniting in the privacy of his home, is something that society deems as unacceptable unlike violent porn videos, then he may be perceived as a pervert.

10. False. Now, although masturbating using a love doll is a healthy, normal activity, it does make sense to take a moment and talk about proper care of the doll because it will also ensure your health, after all. First, be sure to wash the private parts of the doll thoroughly after every session. Use tepid water and a gentle cleanser like baby wash to gently and meticulously wash the entire genital area. Just like any other thing, it needs a little maintenance. Also, be mindful of using a condom when you are not particular of the cleaning routine and refrain from sharing your doll with your friends. Always use a good lubricant for your manhood to prevent friction and burn in both the short and long run. Lastly, be sure to air dry the doll for a soft, squeaky clean fella ready for
the next act

In general, it’s best for men surfing for best sex dolls to first get in touch with their customer service and ask questions and seek reviews before investing in a doll. The semi-inflatable sex dolls are a safe bet to check your compatibility with a synthetic partner as lovemaking involves not just the body but your heart and mind. The doll companies are aware of this and only sell custom sex doll.