Difference between sex dolls and real women

Everyone of us at some point of time in our life has given a deep thought about sex and the pleasures associated with it. But not everyone is thorough about sex or is afraid to go in for a relationship or even a date as they don’t want to tangle themselves into any commitment, yet wants to enjoy life to the fullest. They want to experience women’s body just like any other human being.

To carter their needs of sexual desire, real sex dolls plays a very important part. At present times, sex dolls has grown in popularity throughout the globe for both male and female communities. These dolls are pretty much similar to that of a real woman in all aspects including their softness, structure, looks. They are in a way replacement for a real woman.


Now, people are opting to go in for real sex dolls rather than having a real time relationship with a woman or to commit. They feel the fear that relationship is temporary or even heart broken. But having a sex doll around and an affair with it cannot have any consequences.


love doll


People normally choose sex dolls/silicone sex dolls over real women because of the following factors:


Ø  Sex dolls never says no whereas real woman may be tired or not feeling well when you want to have sex.

Ø  A realistic sex doll is always at your side 24*7 but in case of a real woman, she is available at her appropriate time schedule.

Ø  You can dress a cheap sex doll according to your wish but that is not possible in the case of a real woman.

Ø  In case of a silicone sex doll, you are at liberty to change her look at will but it isn’t possible for a real woman.

Ø  A sex doll can be handled in any way (position) while having sex but that is not the case with a real woman as she won’t be feeling comfortable.

Ø  A realistic sex doll can provide you the comfort and attention you need whenever its necessary but that remains a huge question mark when it comes to dealing with real woman.

Ø  In case of a real doll, you don’t need to commit or fulfill its each and every desires. Love dolls don’t talk but in case of real women, commitment and relationship are a must.

Ø Regular practice with a real looking sex doll will boost your sexual stamina to a whole new level. You may feel embarrass to do so with a real woman.

Ø  To have sex with a real doll, condom is not necessary. On the contrary, it is a must for precautionary measure when having sex with a real woman.

Ø You have liberty to play with the sex toys at any time to fulfill your deep darkest fantasies. On the other hand, in case of a real women its not possible.

Ø  The most important advantage of having a love doll over real woman is that sex dolls don’t get pregnant. But, in case of a real women there is always a chance.

Ø  Sex dolls don’t complain or you don’t have to spent a penny to fulfill her demands.  But, the real woman have lots to complain on various subjects.

Ø  Silicone sex doll cannot harm anybody. They are made to offer pleasure but it’s the opposite in the case of a real woman.

Ø  Its very easy to sexually please a sex doll than the real woman. This is because, it has no emotions and feelings. If a woman is not sexually pleased and satisfied then it might lead to very unpleasant conditions.


So, from the above discussion, it has become clear that sex dolls are gaining popularity among people throughout the globe. The real dolls are slowly taking over the place of real woman for the features they have. In a way, these dolls have fulfilled all the sexual desires and fantasies one can ever dream of.