Sex Dolls Guide for Beginners-2017

The growing sex toy industry reflects how science and technology are playing a major role in harnessing sexual energy for overall well-being. From the time, teen steps into puberty, he/she knows the power of this force. There are numerous cheap sex toys for men like prostate massagers, masturbators. However,  it’s time to set your sex life on fire with innovative products that simulate intercourse with a real life partner. So here is the updated sex dolls guide (2017) only for you.

Sex dolls Guide for beginners

Want to embrace new ways of having sex and stay liberated? Sex dolls can be in your Yes/No/Maybe list, however, they have become increasingly popular over the years. They are like a synthetic life-size female partner manufactured for maximizing sexual pleasuring. For beginners, the range of love dolls and their scope of realistic sexual action can be overwhelming. They can be just a full torso with boobs, ass, vagina. They can also be half torso with boobs and oral or vaginal cavity. There can be high-end ones like all women with head, arms, and legs in addition to oral, vaginal and anal cavities.

You can even learn about your sexual preferences by playing around with these sex toys. Use alone, or with a friend, a sex doll is always ready to engulf you in fantasy. These full size solid real sex dolls have internal skeletons and you can position it like real human allowing intimate love connection better than handheld masturbators. These synthetic seductresses can hold up to all expectations and be the most efficient means to transmute sexual energy. They can easily help experience the state of bliss usually associated with the best orgasm. The entrepreneurs have set sex doll brothels for as a live sex dolls guide for beginners to live their wild fantasies in a safe manner.

sex doll guide

Top Tips when Buying a Sex Doll

  • What is the cost of real dolls? If you are looking for the ultimate play partner, you need to take into account, three vital points like funds, the size of the doll and their material. There are low-end and cheaper ones like blow up dolls, PVC solid dolls made of foam and there are high-end ones made of silicone and TPE polymers.
  • While silicone dolls are more realistic, TPE ones are more affordable and softer to touch and feel.
  • The various sizes of sex doll in the market range from tall ones, measuring 5’6 ft. or 170 cm to life like baby dolls of height 2’1 ft. or 65 cm. However, dolls with height ranging from 4’5 to 5’2 ft. (140-160cm) are most in demand. They are standard dolls, both in terms of weight and height.

sex doll guide

  • All dolls have realistic human proportions and buyers can customize multiple body parts of high-end silicone and TPE models. Most sellers provide options for breast size from A-cup to K-cup; waist size, skin shade, hair etc. You can also design your perfect partner based on an image or specifications.
  • Most silicone and TPE dolls are not kept in stock and need to be manufactured according to the specifications designed by the buyer. Hence, the delivery can take up to 4-6 weeks. They are dispatched in wooden crates or cardboard boxes.
  • Most sellers provide discreet shipping and there are no labels on the box to reveal your subject. Look for the shipping policies, most manufacturers make advance payments for import duties on the buyer’s behalf and take care of customs.
  • Always interact with the site owners for more information and images of the doll. This will ensure that your specifications are clearly met during order processing.
  • Doll suppliers have no returns or refunds policy due to health risks associated with a used product.


Silicone Sex Dolls

The cost of the sex dolls depends largely on the material, which manufacturer used to build them. Manufacturers make most dolls with a special type of elastomer that mimics human skin both in softness and warmth. Medical grade silicone is the most preferred polymer for sculpting these synthetic goddesses to the closest detail from the right proportionate female figure to the realistic folds of vagina and anus.

Silicone has high melting point and one can easily mould it into beautiful female figures. Silicone is hypoallergenic and anyone can sterilize it easily, so there is no fear of allergies and can last you a lifetime with minimal care. However, silicone sex dolls can cost up to $5000 depending on the size as they are the best in emulating human feel. Experience owners have shared their feedback that making love with silicone sex dolls gives a similar experience to having intercourse with a real woman. The advance silicone ones have an internal heating system and touch sensor technology. They can also interact through the app which makes them more than just a sex doll.

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE, a cheaper variant, is the latest polymer which is being widely accepted by the sex doll industry. It is similar in composition to silicone, however, they are softer. If you are in awe of jiggly breast and butt, TPE dolls can help you explore your fantasies. Like silicone, TPE sex dolls are durable and resilient and can withstand your wildest love. They may range up to $2000, depending on their size.

Solid dolls

There are other cheaper solid dolls made of PVC with silicone breast implants and anatomically correct female figure that you would doubt their being. However, they are difficult to sterilize and do not feel as real as silicone dolls.

Real sex dolls

For the virgins in the sex doll industry, semi-inflatable real sex dolls and blow ups dolls can be the most affordable way to initiate their adventure. For newbies who wish to be in control and have their full focus on their love member, these dolls are surely better than handheld masturbator. They can easily explore their silicone breast with their free hands while divulging in the three love tunnels built for maximizing sexual pleasure.

Customers can select between fixed or detachable vaginal canal design. We suggest for the second since it is much easier to clean and sterilize them after sex. However, both have identical texture and materials. The removable one can’t be seen once it’s inserted while keeping authentic look intact.

sex doll guide

Why sex dolls?

  • There are times when you are living apart from your partner or sadly going through a breakup, however, there is no reason to shelf your sex life when there is a synthetic partner to live your wild fantasies.
  • These real sex dolls are far safer than having sex with multiple partners who may pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) They can certainly become a positive and healthy way to explore sexuality.
  • These sex dolls never say NO and there is no emotional baggage that goes along with having a girlfriend or wife.

How to take care of sex doll?

Cleaning Sex Dolls

You should always buy sex dolls from a trusted source. One should follow the manufacturer’s sex dolls guide carefully about how to clean and store them. Make sure to wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap after each use. In fact, you should also wash them between using them on different parts of the body. You have to wash individual parts, such as the mouth, vagina, and anus. You should use condoms with sex dolls if you intend to share them with friends.

Storing Sex Dolls

You should always store the sex dolls in cool places, where light and temperature are moderate. You shoul not store Silicone and TPE dolls with their limbs bent or folded. In fact, a suspension hook or a flight case can be the best bet. The inflatable ones should be deflated before keeping them safely.  You have to remove tight clothes and wigs as they may tear their soft bodies. Check the complete guideline for taking care of dolls.