Love doll for couples to combat sexual monotony

Many committed couples face sexual monotony after some time. They do understand how good sex can spice their intimacy, however after living together for years, they often hit a rut in their sex life. It is sad when these couples look towards porn for making them enterprising in their bedroom acts. Can finding new techniques from porn videos rekindle their bedroom life? Do you think that an industry thriving on fake orgasm can help you in love making?

Sex doll vs Porn
Porn is based on creating a digital fantasy that celebrates one sided sexual pleasure. This multi-billion industry has only one agenda in mind – creating dirty sexuality. There are varieties of porn which only show violence and forced sex. Do you think the girls enjoy the bangs, they fake the act in order to pay their bills?

Porn videos are simply recordings. It is a solo play with no interaction. Studies on porn highlight how porn addict become obsessed with wild sex and ruin their longstanding relationship. There are sites that demean women to the extent of calling them fuck machines. If you get inspired watching these fuck tools, then why not use the real masturbating machine for real action?

The “best sex doll ” for those who are not aware: these are life-size adult dolls, usually made of TPE elastomer. They are made ultra-realistic with the perfect female anatomy in its most intimate details, that they resemble work of art, ready to be presented in galleries rather than marketed for bedroom purpose. They are presented as true girlfriends for men.

You will be surprised to know that this has grown into a multi-billion industry and there are about fifty manufacturers worldwide selling as many as 1000 different models, including Chinese, Latina or black, trans, etc., and even men’s dolls for women or transgenders. They are between 110cm and 175cm high and weighing from 20 to 50 kg.

The love doll was first used for the disabled, but for some years now, these realistic feminine TPE models are being used by single men, divorced people, who do not want a real emotional relationship and employees forced to work away from their family.

The reason for the success of these “realistic sex dolls” is undoubtedly their impressive realism. The smallest details are handcrafted in the material that strangely resembles human skin in feel and warmth. These love dolls are well articulated with an internal steel skeleton for easy movement. Some custom dolls are fully customizable. Color of hair, eyes or skin, shape of breasts or vagina, everything can be changed, and you can even add beauty points. The hairstyle and the face of the doll are also your choice.

Most couples can explore their sexual needs by simply communicating and understanding each other. However, after years of living under the same roof, you have the tendency of having a “know it all” attitude. It is a fact that, everyone has a secret sexual fantasy and a real life sex doll will help you unlock those hidden desires of your partner.

These erotic models are handcrafted and customized according to your taste so that you can easily connect and bond with it. Couples can use the love doll for threesome to explore their sexual fantasies and spice their intimate life.

teen sex doll

Sex doll for threesome
While customizing your first sex doll you can peep into your partner’s sexual fetishes and veiled facets of his/her personality. You can unravel the dark desires by simply working on the sexual attributes of your synthetic partner. Your discussion while designing the doll’s features will help you know what is sexy for your partner and what turns him/her off. This will also give a clue for role-play ideas.

The sex doll is bound to help increase your intimacy with your partner as you display your sexual acts before him/her. The love doll will inspire you to be totally vulnerable and, in that instance, you will share true connection and deeper understanding with your spouse. You can venture with different acts of submission /domination fun with the sex doll and help your partner unleash that wild uninhibited imagination to bring fantasies to life with you in the bedroom. What a great way of discovering your partner while exploring each other’s fantasies?

Best sex dolls are very flexible and can be positioned into any wild posture. The real sex dolls are not made of human cells that ache and pain under pressure. Once you embrace your partner’s private fantasies, you energize your intimate connection.

Many sex doll owners are single men, divorced people, who do not want a real emotional relationship and employees forced to work away from their family. There are even married men looking for an extramarital relationship but do not want to cheat on their wives. The realistic sex dolls are completely safe as they are made of hypoallergenic material like TPE and silicone.

Demand for shemale sex dolls are on the rise as couples are embracing these sex toys for self-pleasuring and for threesome. It is high time society gets rid of the stigma surrounding these perfect mates. Sex dolls can be a practical solution for the heart and if there are serious relationship issues, you can also take help of sex therapists.

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