Does owning a real sex doll make you a pervert?

History of Sex doll

Man is a sexual animal and needs regular sex for his/her physical, mental and psychological wellness. Historians have unearthed several cave paintings, seals and toys that depict our forefathers’ love for sex. The famous Indian Hindu text, Kamasutra, written between 400 BCE and 200 CE, included practical advises on sex positions for maximum pleasure. In the 17th century Dutch sailors took cotton love dolls on their long voyages and called them, “dame de voyage” and “dutch wives.” They were certainly not sex doll perverts! These dolls with 3 orifices imitating female bodies are the predecessors of the modern sex dolls.

So, if you are choosing a sex doll, you are certainly not a pervert as you, like your forefathers are open to your sexual desires. Modern technology has made it possible to create realistic sex doll with utmost detailing, right from the feel and warmth of the skin to the folds of the vagina.

Modern Sex Doll

High end Sex doll made of silicone and TPE look like pieces of art. You will be amazed by the love and imagination of the sculptor, personified in their craft. No wonder, the sex dolls are not mass produced but each one is especially customized according to the fantasy of the owner.

Do not worry about ordering your doll because if women can proudly carry vibrators, you can certainly use this full size toy, to address your sexual desires. According to a recent study, 44% of females, have used a sex toy at least once, and there is no way that 44% of women are perverts.

Living Sex Doll in Porn

The society has willingly accepted pornography as a fair medium of entertainment. However, it is extremely disturbing, how porn is getting increasingly violent and fetishized. Female porn stars are being used as living sex dolls for gangbangs and anal in return for money. Do you think, they enjoy this form of violent, degrading sex? Do you think the people addicted to porn, who seek pleasure from someone’s pain are living sex doll perverts? Are you not better off with a synthetic partner to enjoy your wild moves without physically harming anyone?

Sex Doll Pervert -Busted

People are using sex dolls not only for sexual fulfillment but also to give them company. There are widowers who do not want to remarry, use synthetic partners to cope with their loneliness.  People under depression, who are not socially active enough to have real girlfriends, find great solace in a silicone companion. There are men recovering from a heartbreak or a divorce and need to release their sexual anguish. There are many youngsters who prefer silicone lovers and do not wish romantic entanglements in their lives while they focus in their career. The numerous forums for sex doll owners across the net, only show their popularity. Anyone can enjoy having a sex doll and benefit from the companionship and sexual satisfaction that love dolls provide. In today’s worlds, do you think it is easy to find a soul mate?

Sex Doll for Couples

They are completely safe for intimate use and do not transmit STIs. This is one reason why wives and girl friends are gifting life size sex doll to their partners staying away from them. For those in relationships, sex with sex doll, will help you build your sexual stamina and better your performance in bed. They are the perfect people to practice your wild fantasies and will never object to your hard moves. If your partner is receptive to the idea, you can reenact them or even use the doll as threesome. You can use the love doll to increase the pleasure quotient of your sex life.

If you are shy, you do not need to venture into a local sex store. You can place your order through online shops and your customized sex doll will reach in a fortnight.