What About Ecodine?

At Ecodine, we were always zealous to manufacture something that can substitute the harmful plastic and can be used as the best measure to store and eat food. Since years, we were indulged into research and development phases to come up with an affordable and eco-friendly tableware range of products.

Fortunately, we have developed the comprehensive range of tableware from spoons, plates, bowls, glasses, forks, and all other elements that are utilized for eating food. Ecodine only uses the residual and biodegradable raw material to manufacture bagasse products.

We hold the capabilities to cater to the needs of gigantic demands made by organizations like holy places, massive eateries, takeaway companies, and other industries that deal in food products.

Since the inception, we have chased our dream to provide something that can be a sure-shot panacea to the white pollution.

Our Innovation

Ecodine has not stopped its innovation with the development of bagasse products. Instead, we are striving day and night to come up with better quality products that are soft on the pocket too.

Our Aim

We are aimed to enhance our range of tableware by introducing newer products that can make transporting and eating food easier. Also we are on the right track to manufacture products that are easily decomposable.

Teams at Ecodine

Teams at Ecodine are seasoned and dedicated towards serving the populace of India with the best in tableware products. Our teams are capable of fulfilling your needs and making on-time deliveries, while keeping the costs as low as possible.

With each passing day, Ecodine is having a strong grip on the market and the fleet of our clientele is flourishing at a rapid pace. We only believe in delivering you with utmost quality, no matter what!

Price Policy at Ecodine

The foremost aspect every customer is concerned about- is the price policy. And at Ecodine, we have made sure that we keep the best price range so as to develop a relation with you. Our ultimate aim is to make the environment plastic free and for that, we are ready to battle any complexities.

Despite the higher quality material, our customers have to pay an affordable price, which totally justifies the value of the product.