Why you should join your hands with the EcoDine Movement?

It’s not dubious that plastics are ruining our body and the nearby surroundings. Still, we are following the same path of using plastic ware by not curtailing their use in our day to day life. You might be astonished to know that plastics are the main culprit behind the incurable and fatal diseases modern people are getting. But there is no improvement and the use of plastic is getting higher.

It’s high time to chop the roots of plastic and terminate its use for food related purposes.

We at EcoDine care for you and your beloved ones and we have launched a new movement to get rid of plastics with a sure-shot, affordable, and eco-friendly substitute i.e. bagasse tableware. Join us and weave a better tomorrow for ourselves and for our coming generations.

Ecodine Buyers

It’s a really thoughtful and amazing thing that you consider using bio-ware products. You can add another feather to your hat by using EcoDine bagasse tableware that is manufactured with the biodegradable material. We have designed the most efficient and easy to carry refrigerator and microwave safe tableware that will help you in enjoying your luscious meals on-the-go.



Have you ever thought of something that can amaze your customers, make them feel healthy, and is a unique way of presenting food? You should consider having EcoDine tableware.


Tableware available at EcoDine is an exemplary way to serve food at the temples and holy organizations. The cutlery needs no cleaning and needs no preparation for the disposable process.


What is the best way to teach your students the right eating habits while infusing them with the disadvantages plastics cause? It’s using EcoDine biodegradable tableware that is manufactured from bagasse.


How to organize the most affordable corporate party? EcoDine provides the most affordable and disposable tableware that helps you in saving money on cleaning and transporting cutlery.


The products manufactured by us guarantee a total spill-free experience while being economical. Our products are 100% safe to carry hot, cold, dry and gravy based foods without intervening with the flavors.


Our products come in a myriad of variety to serve delectables, fruits and desserts. Also you can save huge bucks by terminating the need of additional labor to deal with the overall residual.