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Blonde Linda is only part silicone however she is able to turn you on with her ravishing beauty. One of the most affordable love sex dolls in Australian, Canadian and US market

The Best selling Realistic Sex Doll

If you want to have an experience that is full of fun and thrill then you must choose the fabulous realistic sex doll, Blonde Linda, she is not just beautiful but amazing. She not only defines beauty she also dominates the arena of what we call is sensuousness.To start with, her features, she is a blonde, who has light golden hair, just like real women. She adorns a great figure with perfect vital stats that looks like a full grown woman.  You just cannot stay without loving her, her beauty will definitely take you under its spell. If you are looking for the best sex partner for your lonely nights, blonde Linda is the one. Bring her to your house to make your sex life much more interesting and playful.

A perfect recipe to make a night spicier, this realistic sex doll brings the urge from within you and helps you live the best sex life ever. There are many people who feels shy to express their desire or, their wild imaginations may sound too dangerous or stupid to the partners, in that case, a sex doll really wins over a real partner.  Linda has a realistic face made of TPE material, silicone breast, and vagina while the rest of the body can be deflated for transportation and easy storage. This love doll neither has any emotion nor do they say no ever to the owner and are forever ready for oral, anal and vaginal sex.

My doll makes sure its customer has the best sexual experience when they buy the real sex doll. Though Linda is semi-inflatable, she is the best quality doll that look like real person so if you want to save the expensive dates, or an emotional hangover from your partner, then a sex doll is a must have. To get over the long lonely nights, and to forever forget loneliness, you must buy a realistic sex doll, they are quite affordable and one-time investment could give you a lot of benefits. Often the desire of a person is not fulfilled when they want it to be fulfilled, first you may be alone with no partner, second your partner may not be in the mood, or maybe ill. It is not right to accept such unfortunate fate, so stop compromising with yourself, and live all your wild desires freely.

The dimensions are below-

Material: TPE + PVC + Silicone implants

Height: 155CM




Doll Weight: 5KG

Sparepart: Air pump, gel, Heat, Repair Sheet

Shipping, Delivery time and Tracking

Once payment has been confirmed, your item will be shipped within 1-3 workdays.

EMS/DHL/FEDEX/UPS are mode of shipping used by us and DHL is our preferred shipping company. Couple of days after shipment you can as well track your order with tracking id provided by us.  

Usually, It takes about 7-10 days reach you by DHL. Some countries may take a little longer. Please be patient for the delivery as we would do our best to get it to you smooth and fast.

Custom Tax

The buyer is responsible for any tax and/or duty charged by their country.


Due to health risks associated with a used product, there are no returns or refunds, therefore all sales are final. Refunds, if any in special cases would be 50% of the product cost less shipping charges. Please note that the pictures in the website are for illustration purpose only.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are satisfied with the items you ordered, please leave positive feedback. If you are not satisfied with the items you ordered, please contact us and tell us what do you think. We will try to take care for it.


There are quite a few strong reasons to buy a realistic looking sex doll and here are few of them.

-Easy sex with a beautiful girl anytime you did like day or night
-No condoms ever needed, but can be used.
-No STDs
-No fear of pregnancy
-Your sex doll is not needy and won’t ask anything from you
-Helps improve sexual stamina

– More ever it can be dressed up and used simply as a decorative piece.


Our sex dolls are made to be exceptionally realistic in looks, along with features which makes them able to be fixed in different positions. You can twist the arms and legs to any position keeping in mind the end goal which is to have extreme delight. With her exact silicon vagina and rear- end, real life sex dolls have, you can truly release your creative imagination go wild. You are likewise ready to dress them in whatever style or design you covet. Your delightful angel is life measured and flawlessly proportioned so she will look stunningly hot in any sensuous dress or outfit you pick.


Taking care of your realistic sex doll to get the maximum benefits from her is easy. After every use, simply wash her off with warm water. Mix in a small amount of mild soap to the water to get a clean and fresh doll ready to be used again. Rinse her off with clean warm water before drying her thoroughly.

Weight 5 kg


Tax Class




Minimum Quantity


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Weight Class




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Hair Color


Doll Net Weight


Packing Gross Weight


Package Size


Bearing Capacity

300 pound force
Arms can roll 360 degree


For discretion, ‘Lanao-HK’ is the business name that shows on your transaction details including banking statement. There is nothing that reflects the kind of product you paid for.We offer 2 methods of payment for purchasing our sex dolls:

-By PayPal or credit card

-By Bank wire

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card. If you prefer bank wire, we will send you an email with our bank account details.


Privacy and confidentially is our top priority. We understand how personal it is and we do everything to safeguard your information from data encryption to various firewalls to protect the website and the information. All payment is secured. We don’t solicit, or transfer any of your information to third parties and importantly with Paypal, there is extra layer of security.



After the purchase is made, an order receipt mail is sent confirm the customization option for skin color of the doll, hair style, face/head option, eye color, breast size, nipple color, fixed or removable vagina, public hair, clitoris color, hand and toenail art option, standing or non-standing option, integrated heating rod and sound technology etc. Please free to contact us at


Since we make only customized dolls, it is difficult to keep them in stock. Hence as the orders come, we need time to design each and every doll, right from molding to painting her facial expression, which takes 5- 7days. In some special cases, where the client wants a particular face or extra features, the manufacturing duration increases, while the customer support team is always in touch for clarifications. Please free to contact us at

Client Approval

Image of the manufactured doll is sent to the client for approval and the shipping address is finally confirmed for delivery. The order is prepared for shipment either in a wooden case or cardboard box with utmost care and love. Discreet Shipping – The order is shipped without any label that talks about the nature of the product. There is no indication that there is a sex doll inside. This will hide the contents from the eyes of prying neighbors and friends. The tracking ID is given by our support team so that you can track your doll and make special arrangement to receive the order.


Since all dolls are customized and given the health risk associated with the nature of the product, there is no return or refund. All sales are final and our sex dolls come AS IS with no warranty of any kind. However, rest assured, all the process from molding to packaging is controlled and monitored using a quality control system. We have agreements with reputed shipping companies for fast and discreet shipping who are aware of the fragility of the shipment and due care is taken. We only ship quality dolls with utmost love and care.


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