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Semi inflatable sex doll on sale to help you save cost and fulfill your desires. Tina has silicone breast for highly realistic vaginal, anal and oral sex. 100% Free Shipping and 100% Discrete

Semi Inflatable Sex Doll – Tina

For beginners in the sex toy industry who have graduated from fleshlights and are looking for more realistic experience, the semi inflatable sex doll can be the next affordable challenge. Tina is not a cheap blow up doll like bouncy toys made for children. You are old enough and you need real sex dolls with 3D molded face, solid hands and feet and silicone implanted breast and vagina to satiate your desire.

Sexual experience with Tina is more fulfilling than hand-held simulating devices. She is inflatable only in parts and comes to life with your air, otherwise, she can be stored secretly from prying eyes of your family and friends. Her tunnels are structured with real like folds that you will not miss your partner when making love to her. She is designed after research with sexologists who believe that sexual wellness is vital for overall health. Her large, jiggly silicone breast makes even boob sex possible with her. Tina is definitely the doll you would like to fondle with. Tina is semi inflatable sex doll, made of high-tech PVC and her bewitching frame build for anal, vaginal and oral sex will make you fall in love with her as she looks so REAL.

Specifications of Semi inflatable Doll for Sale –  Tina
• Material : Phthalate free PVC and Silicone
• Height: 5ft 3in (160cm)
• Ribbed Vaginal hole
• Tight Anal hole
• Soft Oral hole
• Waist : 30.3in (77cm)
• Hip : 33.5in (85cm)
Shipping is free for limited period ! Air Pump free !!
You save money with Tina!!

There are quite a few strong reasons to buy a sex doll and here are few of them.

-Great sex anytime, anywhere
-No condoms needed, No STDs
-Bachelor party sex doll
-Easy storage and transportation
-Helps improve sexual stamina

Pondering about the best porn you’ve watched will not boost your orgasm. Tina will always be there for your adventures without any demands or complaints. No relationship baggage or fear of your new sex partner being exposed to your friends. You can easily deflate and put it into your personal storage. Discreet shipping guaranteed!!

Taking care of  Tina

For inflating, please follow the instruction that comes with the doll and remember not to over inflate because this could damage the doll. Taking care of your semi inflatable sex doll is easy, always use water based lube on the part you wish to insert. After every use, simply wash her off with warm water. Air dry the product completely before deflating her for storage.

Return/Refund Policy

Since Tina is on sale. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and given the nature of the product, there is no refunds and no returns.


For discretion, ‘Lanao-HK’ is the business name that shows on your transaction details including banking statement. There is nothing that reflects the kind of product you paid for.We offer 2 methods of payment for purchasing our sex dolls:

-By PayPal or credit card

-By Bank wire

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card. If you prefer bank wire, we will send you an email with our bank account details.


Privacy and confidentially is our top priority. We understand how personal it is and we do everything to safeguard your information from data encryption to various firewalls to protect the website and the information. All payment is secured. We don’t solicit, or transfer any of your information to third parties and importantly with Paypal, there is extra layer of security.



After the purchase is made, an order receipt mail is sent confirm the customization option for skin color of the doll, hair style, face/head option, eye color, breast size, nipple color, fixed or removable vagina, public hair, clitoris color, hand and toenail art option, standing or non-standing option, integrated heating rod and sound technology etc. Please free to contact us at


Since we make only customized dolls, it is difficult to keep them in stock. Hence as the orders come, we need time to design each and every doll, right from molding to painting her facial expression, which takes 5- 7days. In some special cases, where the client wants a particular face or extra features, the manufacturing duration increases, while the customer support team is always in touch for clarifications. Please free to contact us at

Client Approval

Image of the manufactured doll is sent to the client for approval and the shipping address is finally confirmed for delivery. The order is prepared for shipment either in a wooden case or cardboard box with utmost care and love. Discreet Shipping – The order is shipped without any label that talks about the nature of the product. There is no indication that there is a sex doll inside. This will hide the contents from the eyes of prying neighbors and friends. The tracking ID is given by our support team so that you can track your doll and make special arrangement to receive the order.


Since all dolls are customized and given the health risk associated with the nature of the product, there is no return or refund. All sales are final and our sex dolls come AS IS with no warranty of any kind. However, rest assured, all the process from molding to packaging is controlled and monitored using a quality control system. We have agreements with reputed shipping companies for fast and discreet shipping who are aware of the fragility of the shipment and due care is taken. We only ship quality dolls with utmost love and care.


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