Sex doll for healing depression and loneliness

Lifelike sex doll is being used in therapy to counter depression and loneliness. Depression in men, the silent epidemic, can the real love doll stop men dying too young? Sex is no doubt a therapeutic intervention and a realistic sex doll can be used to add some spice to alleviate loneliness, one of the primary concerns of depression.

Depression in men has been described as a “silent epidemic” because of its high incidence and “silent” because of the reluctance of men to talk about their mental health. It’s not always easy to discuss, especially when society tells men that “real men” hold in their feelings and to be weak or to reach out for help is effeminate, and to be effeminate is to be somehow womanish.

“More than six million men are affected by depression in the United States alone. Yet men are, quite simply, less likely to talk about their struggles than women — and that needs to change.” – The Mighty

Types of Depression

There are many different types of depression, ranging from minor, short term-depression, to seasonal effective disorder (SAD) that is usually related to changes in seasons and then major depression also known as clinical depression. Depression usually results from a combination of recent events and loneliness is more likely to cause depression than any other life stresses. Depression and anxiety symbolizes the loneliness experience not only in the form of a symptom resulting from loneliness, but also in the form of loneliness anxiety, which involves the fear of being lonely.

What is loneliness, is it a state of mind or a consequences of your thought?

Loneliness is the result of a mismatch between the relationships you have and the relationships you want, an unwelcome feeling of lack or loss of companionship. Anyone can be lonely, even busy people .  Loneliness is bad and more and more people are feeling alone and neglected, either by their loved ones, peers and family. Lonely people are vulnerable as you feel alone and misunderstood. Loneliness is twice as harmful to health as smoking and is more damaging than obesity. Lonely men lack confidence which results in an increased likelihood of alcoholism, smoking and obesity .The long-term isolation is a personal problem that builds up after a while and makes you feel anxious, stressed, and on the point of a breakdown. Loneliness and isolation in older age almost doubles the risk of dementia, high blood pressure and depression.

What is the cause of loneliness?

According to research, loneliness is strongly connected to genetics. However, apart from the hereditary factor, loneliness in the present generation is attributed to the current social-environmental factors like divided families and our fast paced life with less emotional connection. Whether you are living in a big city or in a small farm, there is hardly any social connection resulting in isolation. Other contributing factors include situational variables, such as moving to a new location, divorce and death of a loved one. You may have faced abuse, neglect, and bullying in your growing up years which has  “held you captive” with crippling fear of rejection, can cause that feeling of isolation. The insecurity of childhood has imprinted a feeling of “unworthiness” in your subconscious mind which is blocking your ability to manifest yourself before others. People who lack self-worth are more prone to chronic loneliness than people with high self esteem.

Thanks to social media, the world is well connected with a click, yet lonely people are left on their own to fend with their thoughts.

Loneliness is no longer considered an ageing issue, but is a subjective experience,  with symptoms like emotional intensity or fear of abandonment.  The prevalence of a major depressive episode in men is highest between 18 and 25yrs of age. So, how does loneliness or anomie affect you as an individual?

Increasing self-destructive habits (etc.) – People in their loneliness may indulge in a fairly innocuous behavior that may lead to more serious harm, they may not be aware of. The self-destructive behavior can crop up in any area of our lives for example if one is addicted to exercising to the point of extreme excess and then end up hurting themselves. Overeating, smoking and excessive alcohol use are several “hidden” kind of self-harm. There is decreased likelihood of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and exercise in order to lead a healthy life.

Increasing stress levels– Loneliness creates lots of stress and anxiety. Loneliness and stress levels constantly aggravate each other, creating what feels like an endless vicious cycle of uncomfortable symptoms, and a plethora of side effects like panic attacks.

Self-imposed isolation and failure to seek emotional support – Loneliness is fearful because you feel isolated from others or alone even though you’re surrounded by others. You do not have words to explain your mental state and hence struggle silently.

The effect on immune and cardiovascular systems – The mind and body are intertwined and loneliness and stress have quite a negative impact on our physiological well-being. The consistent and ongoing increase in heart rate, and elevated levels of stress hormones and of blood pressure, can lead to hypertension, heart palpitations, heart attack, or stroke. There is difficulty in sleeping negatively impacts the metabolic system and hormonal regulations.

Life is like a wave; and just like the wave, it has both troughs and crests. Nothing is permanent, so how do you plan to regain your balance and Momentum. Here are few ways to pick yourself up and get yourself going:

Put yourself first

You need to connect with yourself first in order to connect with others. You need to practise being kind, loving, and generous with yourself instead of judging yourself. When you own and appreciate who you are , you are on the road of self-healing.

Practice Momentum Thinking

Loneliness is actually a state of mind that makes you feel empty, alone and unwanted. Emotions like anxiety, stress and loneliness are the consequences of your thinking and not vice versa. When you are feeling lonely, you are “thinking alone” and it is your negative thoughts that are making you lonely. To improve your situation, read the sentences you are making to yourself, listen to your fears, your thoughts of sheer frustration and purposelessness and counter these thoughts, replace them with positive ones. For example, “I will never make it, I will always be left alone” to “This is a problem I will solve with time.” There are self-help books on REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) like A Guide to Rational Living  by Albert Ellis, that teaches how to use logic and evidence to manage your emotions better.

Face your Fears

Volunteering is the best way of healing yourself while you offer help to others. When you soak in the pain of others, your grief dilutes giving you inner strength and enlightenment.  You cannot run away from your problems, remind yourself on the happy times, create a gratitude journal.

Pets can help you feel less lonely

There is at least one person, at least an animal who is on your side and trying to help you. Lonely people often think that there is no one that cares for them or loves them A sense of social inadequacy, alienation, and detachment always encompasses their being. The selfless acts of love towards your pet may be your way out of loneliness .

The bright side of being lonely

If you tune your thought to believing that you are perfectly content to live solitary live, you will never be lonely. You will perhaps enjoy your solitude and unravel the hidden magic within you. Your creative side will be in full swing when you are one with yourself.

Take One Small Step.

It may be awkward to suddenly reinvent yourself and become social especially when the going is tough. Even hanging around your beloved friends can turn into a nightmare so why not take the help of technology. We are not talking about the several dating and networking sites that lack trust and real action, but the life like sex dolls for companionship.  The dolls do not judge you and provide you with the most effective tool for fighting loneliness. Remember that down is temporary and rekindling your sex life can boost your with sex doll


Here are 5 ways realistic sex dolls can help you connect out of your loneliness

Lonely people have a problem connecting with people and even when they try networking online, they fail. They lack the skill of initiating conversations, building friendship, asking probing questions and online dating sites simply do not work for them. However, you neither engage in hot conversation or costly dates with a sex doll. They are not bothered about your communication issues. These erotic synthetic partners are sculpted from premium TPE material to simulate real women.

As a teenager, you may have constructed the image of your dream girl, something like Cinderella’s fantasy, a Prince Charming or Princess Beauty. Fantasy can never be real, however, you can customize design your custom sex doll to look exactly like your “beauty”. After a long days work, your loneliness will diminish in thin air when you can fulfill your desires with the magical partner.

Most lonely folks in relationship suffer from trust issues and their inability to open up to the other. A successful intercourse is the culmination of a series of actions triggered by the brain, heart, nerves, hormones and lastly but not the least, the penile muscles that relax with firmness for ejaculation. However, there are instances when the brain is stressed and is unable to interpret the situation leading to premature ejaculation which in turn creates sexual anxiety. This can be alarming in a relationship, however, when you have best sex dolls to de-stress and exercise your pelvic muscles, there is no fear or guilt leading to stress.

Sex is the untold truth of manliness and if you have enough of it, you are bound to reinvent and become more capable of re-energizing yourself. Sex relaxes and calms you, inducing deep sleep which is the fundamental requirement for a healthy mind and body.

Famous loneliness researcher Robert Weiss called romantic relationships the “anti-loneliness pill” because at even the mere prospect of getting involved in a romantic and sexual relationship seemed to make loneliness magically disappear. Love alone can cure your loneliness and till you meet that one special person in your life, someone who would understand and love you, you can have the real love dolls for company.

Every man is alone. Ultimately, each person exists in isolation. He faces himself in silence, wending his way in individual pathways, seeking companionship, reaching out to others.. Clark Moustakas, Loneliness