Sex dolls with artificial intelligence to come soon

The inflatable sex dolls are no longer good enough for the doll lovers. There was constant pressure to make something new and innovative that can give more pleasure to the users. Therefore, the manufacturers invented AI dolls or sex doll with artificial intelligence.

These new Sex doll serve the purpose of being a flat toy to fulfill your sexual desires various mediums. On the other hand, the dolls will do the talking part as well. Yes, the RealDoll founder Matt McMullen is thinking to plan of making sex doll with artificial intelligents.

Customers can have power to change the colour, increase bust size, or the colour of eye. Some even want to customize the doll exactly like the real woman with lose belly and heavy hips. In short, the customers can ask for a not-so-perfect figure to give a more natural feel.

The idea of incorporating artificial intelligence in sex dolls is very promising. The process is in development phase and soon we will be able to talk to sex dolls.The prototype sex doll with artificial intelligence is already developed. This prototype explains how sex doll will be able to blink eyes, talk to their owners while moving its mouth.

Why men press to build AI Sex dolls?

A number of people really like the idea, especially after facing huge problems in the relationship and lack of confidence to start over a new relation. To them, sex doll with artificial intelligence is great to fulfill all the sexual desire without forming a new relation. An intelligent doll can respond to the words spoken by the doll owner helping to establish a relation with the doll. The product not only becomes a tool for physical satisfaction but also eventually becomes more than the partner.

Silicone sex dolls, which come at around $3000-$5000. You can easily afford them but you cannot customized them according to your choice. With the development of sex doll with artificial intelligence, the sex doll industry will reach another higher level.