What to do with a retiring sex doll?

Like everything comes to an end, the life of a sex doll also comes to an end, but many people who are way too much involved with their lovely possessions emotionally tend to keep them even after they become retiring sex doll are of no use.  A lot of people have found out alternative uses of retiring sex dolls. We can cite a few references from times during the cold war, when people associated with the war used real sex dolls for deceiving their enemies. For a more recent example, we have seen people using sex dolls for security, to get rid of loneliness, and other various uses. 


Real sex doll


 When does a sex doll retire?

Well, you may wonder love doll is not a living thing, it doesn’t have a life. So how can it actually retire? Well, it is just like another machine which has a fixed term of life.  One can use a real sex doll at least 5 years if one takes good care of it and use it in a proper way. But after regular use, it tends to lose its body luster also its assets are worn out after rigorous use. It’s a time when one realizes that the sex doll is now retiring sex doll.    

 Use of sex doll as a scarecrow

The idea may sound weird at first, but this is what actually happened in a town named Chengdu near the south-western Sichuan province of China. A local rapeseed farmer found a naked sex doll which is believed to be owned by a worker at a construction site in Chengdu. The farmer quite intelligently used the doll to fix it in the middle of a green field to ward off crows and pests which have the potential to harm the green land. 

Besides finding the realistic sex doll the local farmer also found a yellow helmet which also belonged to the construction worker. The farmer waited no more and put the helmet on the doll’s head to cover the beautiful black hair the doll possessed to make the scarecrow look more realistic.

The Chinese population mainly consumes Rapeseed as vegetables. Rapeseed are also popular to making cooking-oil. Rapeseed is growing its popularity in the United Kingdom as it has a unique nutty flavor, besides people are opting for a cheaper and healthier alternative of olive oil. 

Guess there wouldn’t have been a much better use of the retiring sex doll other than making it a scarecrow. It must be one of the best utilization of a retiring sex doll. The pictures of this incident published on a popular website are getting crazy traffic and it really seems to be very amusing for people to see how a sex doll is retiring.