Why having sex with sex doll is social stigma?

The sex toy industry is booming and the silicone sex doll is the latest entrant has received mixed emotions. It’s true that men love adult real dolls, but it is astonishing that they want to keep it secret. It seems like they don’t want anyone to know about their synthetic interest. Strange! But the fact is that the demand for sex dolls is increasing and men are purchasing love dolls each and every day.

Why sex doll is looked at as “taboo”?

There’s no doubt that the “sex toy” industry carries a social stigma. Sex is meant for procreating and of course pleasuring, however, as soon as we have a man having sex with sex doll, the whole thing becomes uncanny.

Society at large is reserved when it comes to conversing about sex. People who are open about their sexual lives are looked down as some type of corrupted eccentric and hell breaks loose when they go to the extent of supporting sex dolls. You’re considered a “sex addict” with a “harem” that would put the well-bred, elite class to shame.

Dutch sailors carried female cotton love dolls in their voyages in the seventeenth century. They were called “Dame De Voyage” in French, “Dama De Vinje” in Spanish, then why is this stigma around sex dolls, when they have prevailed for thousands of years?

sex with sex doll

Research has proved that men have a greater urge for sex than women. Recently, when a sex robot was being showcased in Barcelona, in a public park, some over-enthusiastic, horny men could not control their lust and nearly groped her to death.

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Why should we be judgemental and restrain others from following their preferences? As long as people are being sane and aren’t hurting others, what they do in their bedrooms is none of our lookouts. Full grown sex doll of the same height and weight as that of a real woman cannot be hidden in a suitcase or packed in a wardrobe. Yet, there are some loners who share their life with such human-like dolls and love having sex with sex doll. They are being safe so why they should be made to feel embarrassed and ashamed because of their choice of partner in the bedroom.

sex with sex doll


Let us not be paradoxical, but, keep our minds open. In special cases, sex therapists recommend sex dolls as they are not only healthy for a relationship by decreasing chances of affairs but also spice up the couple’s sexual life.

Sex is fun, healthy and vital for your overall wellness. Let us work together to make our society a sex-positive place. There is no doubt that sex dolls will help people stay healthier and live happier!!